Explore With Cake Toppers

Topping is an art where cakes are decorated with edible components to make them visually appealing. Cakes are the most flexible in the sense they can be sculpted and shaped to take after any form, be it persons, things, or even places.

Special occasions and celebrations may remain incomplete without being celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony. You can also mark holidays, religious or national, with cakes. They can also help you in endorsing commercial enterprises. Bake them for no apparent reason and enjoy them with your near and dear ones. Check out Celebrating for more cake ideas and services.

Numerical Cake Toppers

Birthdays are a very special occasion for anybody. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of your daily life, it would feel really nice if you could come home on your birthday to the surprise of a birthday cake. This is where number cake toppers come into the picture. You can play around with the number cake toppers and use them on birthdays or anniversaries. Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, or even the anniversary of an organization, you can always opt for number cake toppings to adorn your cake.

Cardstock Toppers

You can explore with digits or calligraphy scripts of numbers to make the cake topper an attention grabber at your anniversary. Adorable cake toppers inspired by Monster Trucks, or the delightful flamingo cake toppers, could be ideal to deck up your child’s birthday cake. These are usually handmade. With layers of premium cardstocks, they turn out to be quite sturdy. The flamingo cake toppers can be made of durable glitter cardstocks. You can customize it according to the age of your child. This could turn out to be an impeccable addition to your toddlers’ cakes.

Acrylic Toppers

You may as well opt for acrylic cake toppers. They can be customized according to the occasion you would be using them for. Furthermore, they can come in glitter finishes, apart from the range of colors they are available in. These would be ideal for baby showers, baptism, christening, birthdays, and weddings.

Calligraphy Scripts Toppers

The calligraphy script number cake toppers could be the perfect addition to your anniversary cake. The beautiful calligraphy would add an aesthetic appeal and a hint of sophistication to your cake. However, if you are placing orders for such cake toppers online, keep in mind that you may be picking a specific number stake and not a set. Again, it would be wise to note that mostly, numbers above twenty needs two number stakes. If you want the number 23, you would have to buy a ‘three’ number stake along with a ‘two.

Wood Cake Toppers

You can also have number cake toppers made of wood. These are usually made of birch and are laser cut. They can even differ in color and wood grain. You can have them personalized as per your anniversaries, birthdays or any other special occasions.

Rhinestone Cake Toppers

If you want to experiment with something different, you can go for the rhinestone cake toppers. These cake toppers oozes class with elegance, and adds a pleasurable sparkle to your cake, be it anniversary or birthday. Along with being the eye-catcher at your party, it would make for a great souvenir. Nonetheless, these cake toppers would add to your expenses.

These are a few cake toppers in numbers that you can delve into to make for an attention grabbing cake.